The Madaen Co. Ltd. (MC) is a private limited Jordanian company that was established in 1997. It is primarily engaged in the production of toilet & laundry soap noodles and bars through the continuous fatty acid saponification process. MC is ISO 9002 certified.

MC has an annual capacity of 15,000 tons of soap noodles and 7,500 tons of soap bars. Current expansion efforts are underway to almost double the capacity of soap bar production. The company's target markets include the Levant and Gulf countries as well as Eastern Europe and North Africa. Recent marketing initiatives have focused on expanding MC's market to include Western Europe and North America.

MC invests heavily in the training of its staff, the development of its systems and procedures, and the upgrade of its production processes. The company above all is committed to the quality and excellence of its processes, products, and service. 

MC continues to explore various modes of cooperation with both international marketing and industrial organizations to build upon its core competencies and expand its growing market share of competitively priced quality soap noodles and soap bars.

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